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Celebrating 18+: Enterra’s history and the company today

Ready! Set! Go! Enterra!

Now it is hard to believe that Enterra began as an IT department in one of the major holdings of Barnaul. In their free time, the programmers surfed through the young Internet and looked for a side job on foreign websites.

Domophone Business Thrives: Innovations to Manual Labour

The work of mechanics, who are in charge of all buzzers, serviceable and broken, never was easy – lockings, unreliable contacts, active teenagers and ubiquitous vandals. In these cases, defective mechanisms should be fixed as soon as possible.

Be Aware: Mobile News Aggregator for The Altai Territory

The Altai Territory, Enterra’s homeland, is not just the breadbasket of Siberia, but also a rich source of different news, which abound here as fine as grains. But due to the rapid pace of life today you can’t catch all of them, unfortunately.

Bus Station: The Mobile App for Intercity Bus Tickets

Since its foundation in 1939, the Bus station, located in Barnaul, Enterra’s hometown, has significantly stepped forward. Now it is not just a small station with three benches, a couple of stalls and booking offices, but a whole complex for passengers with its own infrastructure.

One Startup Story. What Fails in The IT Business May Come

FailConf – a conference, dedicated to the brightest failures in business, was held in Barnaul for the very first time. Of course, with the prefix “IT”. We were lucky to visit the conference as co-organizers within the Innovation Support Association and listen live to the nonfictional stories of defeats, failures and unfortunate mistakes in the big business world.

«I Want My Own IT Startup»: Skolkovo Foundation Experts’ Advice

Open Innovations Startup Tour, the largest CIS road show in search of the innovation projects, took place in Barnaul for the very first time. During the Tour, experts of Skolkovo Foundation and successful entrepreneurs talked a lot on what to do and what not to do if you want to launch your own startup.

Security in Online Games: No More Fake Results

This post is a long and exciting story of the way we have created anti-hacking and anti-cheaters HTML5 game system, what challenges we have met on this way, how we have overcome them and what results we have after all.