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Interactive Kiosks | Enterra

A Kiosk is a self-service interactive terminal. A kiosk usually has a computer and a display screen that allow a person to input data via a touch screen or keyboard with fixed trackball.

Enterra is experienced in developing interactive kiosks with a wide range of features. Kiosks developed by Enterra may have payment transaction feature with secure online transaction, digital mini-lab feature for printing photos from memory stick, security camera and many other features.

Enterra's experienced staff of developers and designers will create a kiosk application with robust backend functionality and an attractive frontend interface. Not only we understand our Customer needs, target audience, corporate identity but also we combine this information with our experience in kiosk interface design to create a high-class application.

Alcohol Testing Kiosk

The Alco Test Kiosk project presents distributed system for automated collecting, processing and reporting the results of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests of convicts to their probation/parole officers.

Information and Payment Terminals

Enterra aimed at software development to provide information and payment kiosks with reliable and robust applications. The simplest assembly included touch-screen, bill acceptor, and check-printer. More advanced terminals contained vandal-resistant keyboard, magnetic card reader, bar-code scanner, bill changer, A4 laser printer with a future option to install any other peripheral equipment.

Multipurpose Multimedia Terminal

Multipurpose Multimedia Terminal

The project was developed for Svarog – Russian start-up service-provider. Customer wanted to get a multifunctional touch screen terminal with the following main features:

  • connection to the internet including web-browser;
  • entertainment including games, horoscopes, anecdotes;
  • communication including sending SMS and emails;
  • viewing news, cinema schedule, guides and reference books;
  • viewing multimedia content, i.e.