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Alcohol Testing Kiosk

The Alco Test Kiosk project presents distributed system for automated collecting, processing and reporting the results of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests of convicts to their probation/parole officers. The system consists of five main parts: a network of kiosks, one o more application server, officer terminals, administrator terminals and centralized database server. The kiosk presents a terminal for BAC testing. The application server provides major business logic and data processing of the system. The officer terminal represents PC with installed on it special software that is used by officers for managing their parolees and getting reporting about BAC tests of their parolees. The administrator terminal represents PC with installed on it web browser that is used by system administrator for managing different aspects of system work through the web interface of the system. And database server presents centralized system repository that stores information about officers, parolees, kiosks, BAC test results and etc. The Kiosk looks like iron terminal with x86 PC inside. It contains everything software and hardware that needed for complete interaction with user and for BAC testing. The data on the BAC tests are passed from the kiosks to the application server for further processing and storage. It should be noted, that all interaction between application server, kiosks and officer terminals is carried out through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now See software in action: