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Multipurpose Multimedia Terminal

The project was developed for Svarog - Russian start-up service-provider. Customer wanted to get a multifunctional touch screen terminal with the following main features:
  • connection to the internet including web-browser;
  • entertainment including games, horoscopes, anecdotes;
  • communication including sending SMS and emails;
  • viewing news, cinema schedule, guides and reference books;
  • viewing multimedia content, i.e. movies, videos, ring tones, pictures;
  • downloading the content to mobile phone via Bluetooth or to memory stick;showing advertisements in the idle mode.
The terminals purpose was to handle thousand User requests every day as they were aimed to be located at the airports, cafes, hotels and shopping malls. Apart from the main features screens, the terminal has a login screen. On this screen User enters pin-code and logs on to the system. Pin-code is written on the card which User can buy nearby. "We needed to build only reliable and secure payment process based on scratch cards," recalls Alexander Sholohov, Project Manager at Enterra, Inc. "The purpose was to manage and control all the processes connected with cards. We developed all stages of highly tailored payment cards system with multiply features such as pin-code generation, cards emission, charge-off, cards block/unblock, etc." Additionally the terminal has internal web camera. The camera takes a photo as User touches the login screen. Each kiosk obtained the UI screens from central server in the form of HTML and shows them to user in full-screen mode. "It allowed us to keep the UI up to date and implement changes simultaneously on each kiosk," explains Michael Pieson, the project developer. "Excellent graphical design of the application allowed us to implement the HTML pages that looked like rich desktop application." Front-end application is based on "Sitekiosk" ( http://www.sitekiosk.com) which has been customized strictly for the project by Enterra developers. The system is managed by CMS Administrator and data is filled in by its Managers. Thanks to CMS, Owner gets User statistics by month/ day/ hour. The statistic information is sent to CMS Server where it is analyzed by Managers. One of the system advantages is a vandal-resistant program environment and that was a very important point for Customer implemented successfully by Enterra. Terminal network communicates with a server worked on Linux Ubuntu 7.10. The web application is developed in Ruby on Rails framework. Web server Apache is used as http balancer to provide high reliability and scalability. MySQL database is used as data storage. The payment system is developed in Java. Terminal can be connected to the Internet using following technologies: Ethernet, ADSL, WiMax, VSAT, or any other technology with speed 2Mbit/s or more. When the project was accomplished, Customer got the solution developed right on his specification right the way he desired. The solution developed by Enterra, Inc helps Customer to reach business goals. It is comfortable for Users as it has easy-to-use payment scratch card system. It is comfortable for Owners as it can be easily administrated. Working on this project Enterra developers got new experience on different terminals: payment, information kiosks, etc. Now we can better develop systems for remote administration of the similar systems, process financial information, develop billing system, develop usable UI touch screens. Want to get more information on the project? Want to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now