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Business management systems integration

Modern business management systems require implementation of such modules as CRM, ERP, Automatic workflow systems and others. Enterra has experience in CRM systems implementation and customization (e.g. Microsoft CRM).

Deciding to implement business management system you may:

    • buy any finished product – that is reasonable and reliable but may not meet your business requirements completely;

develop your own system (any custom solution) – that will solve all of your business tasks but may be out of your budget;

  • integrate some system adapting it to your business processes – the most flexible solution to solve all the tasks for reasonable budget.

To integrate some business management system to your business Enterra needs to analyze your requirements and to build a detailed scheme of business processes. After system architecture has been completed the kernel is surrounded by functional missing. Suitable UI is designed (customized) at the final stage. This way you will be targeted to get the best ROI with the best IT solution available.

Unlike systems aggregation

Some business tasks require different systems combination for further interaction and business processes realization. You may have one or more modules which are not assigned to interact with each other directly. Enterra has experience in integrating such systems in one by using third party components or fundamental code alteration. Enterra Team can take root into your existing system introducing new opportunities but not disturbing it's functional and processes.

MS CRM customization

Installation and developing several add-in solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 that extend the functionality of the product.

Using BizTalk For Data Synchronization

Main goal of the project lied in two business tasks realization:

  • eStore order processing automation – Order Processing Pipeline system was developed to realize the task
  • Data synchronization between Inventory Management system used for customer's firm trade stock managing and customer's eStore.