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MS CRM customization


During installation & setup of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 application on customers server the setup of business units and users have been performed. Initial structure of price list has been created as well.


Following types of customization have been performed as part of the project.

Workflow customization

Several custom workflow rules have been created as part of this project. The main idea of these rules is to separate different types of leads and opportunities converted from these leads (related with different groups of products and services provided to clients) and provide the ability to Sales Manager to perform different activities sets related with those opportunities. Workflow rules performs changes of opportunities probability, moves opportunities to next sales stages (or cancels them), schedules activities for Sales Managers, and performs automated actions (like sending of notification emails to interested people). To create some complicated rules custom actions have been required. The plug-in for MS CRM have been developed (using .NET) for this purpose. The .NET assembly (plug-in) contains implementation of custom rules required for workflow functioning. This assembly accesses data stored in MS CRM using CRM web-service.

User Interface Customization

Lead and opportunity forms and lists have been strongly customized taking into consideration modifications of sales workflow. That forms shows sales stage, pending actions to be performed by Sales Persons on current sales stage and results of previous Sales Manager's actions.

Entities Customization

Entities of Lead and Opportunity have been modified to meet above stated modifications in workflow of the system and UI.

Reports customization

Reports related with sales have been modified as well to reflect modifications in sales process and to provide responsible persons with information from the point of view of product/service groups, sales stages and opportunity closure reasons.

Automated data import

The tool for importing of lead generated by customer's web-site has been developed as part of this project. The tool has been developed to operate as stand-alone application interoperating with MS CRM. The tool has been deployed on the customer's server. It uses the CRM web-service for communication with CRM. The main purpose of the system is to allow user import leads and automatically setup relationship between lead and sales process sub-flow. It has being designed as Import Wizard with following steps:
  1. Select file page - Similar to standard CRM Import Wizard Page. It allows user to choose file from local file system to be imported, and setup fields' separator;
  2. Select Flow page - User chooses the sales process flow way to be associated with imported leads. Opportunities converted from these Leads uses same sales process way as well, independently of other manipulations performed on these Opportunities. Mapping xls->CRM is being associated with sub-flow and is being stored in configuration file deployed along with the tool. Tool not allows changing the mapping file dynamically, but user is able to manually change mapping file if required.
  3. Confirmation page - user see statistical data of the import to be performed and is able either start import or cancel it;
  4. Progress page - allows user to see the progress of import;
  5. Import Results page - provides user will import results: number of imported leads and un-imported. User is able to save statistics to text file for later use.
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