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Whether you need a simple business utility or an enterprise platform, Enterra knows how to create software that will be a foundation of your unique way of doing business. We provide a full range of business application development services to help our clients maximize the use of information technology. The software we develop help businesses and their customers better operate, identify and manage specific data, increasing the overall business efficiency and personal activities.

We work from a broad base of technical knowledge by keeping up-to-date with the movements and changes in the IT industry. We provide a wide range of business solutions, e.g. content and document management, CRM, payment and billing systems. We develop web and desktop software as well as mobile business applications. Enterra services help Customers address evolving business and technology challenges by developing applications tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Enterra practices agile and iterative software development approaches.

twago – outsourcing marketplace

twago is a global platform created to provide high quality services for outsourcing (processes outsourcing) and offshoring (relocation of processes abroad)

Task Management Software

Chirp is a group task management & communications tool. It helps you keep your finger on the pulse of work being done by teammates in one or many projects. Enter task assignments both big and small, and then use the dashboard to identify trouble areas, or create reports to be presented to your managers. The more information that goes into Chirp, the better you can see the whole picture.

Analytical tool for QuickBooks

The tool helps Users to develop their own Dashboards with Scorecards and charts, to create multiple views of User data and graph data, to create a 3D view and bring another perspective to the analysis, to develop multiple chart types and create pages with them and quickly send Scorecards and Charts by email to others with just one click of the mouse.

Business Intelligence Tool

The success of an organization depends largely on the ability of its employees to discover, analyze, and act on line-of-business data and operational information. Unfortunately, there is traditionally a deep divide between the enterprise systems used to collect and manage data and the desktop tools that information workers use to communicate and act on this information. Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 for the first time organizes that information into a central data store. KPI Finder 2005 allows you to query out the business intelligence directly into your favorite Office application.

Tunneling Machine Application Project

The purpose of the TMAP application is to collect and visualize data received from the tunneling machine by OPC server. It was needed to have a complete solution which combined both data acquisition software and visualization software