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Transport Monitoring

Enterra GIS system is meant for transport monitoring using satellite navigation system with an option to determinate moving target positions up to 1 meter in real time. This system makes real managing all the traffic on 1 computer easy and fast.

The workflow

  • Data receiver based in the car for current position determination get data from satellites via GPS/GLONASS
  • Position data is transmitted via GPRS to Data Center routinely to be converted to the format suitable for mapping and getting all the reports required

The system is intended for

  • city and inter-city passenger traffic
  • control offices of trucking industry and taxi
  • cargo forwarding companies
  • security services of different companies
  • independent security agencies
  • companies with their own autopark
  • individual vehicles security
  • messenger and delivery services

The system allows to

  • reduce downtime and cargo delivery time
  • get immediate alert in case of unapproved access to the vehicle
  • recognize the cases of running out of fuel
  • register the cases of vehicle deviation from the route given
  • manage all the traffic flow
  • resist vehicle hijacking
  • increase the efficiency of trucking industry
  • find out vehicle location in case of hijacking

Main functions

  • representation of vehicles current location on the RF map
  • vehicle current address mapping (street, house number nearby)
  • determination of the nearest built-up area distance together with the name of such settlement
  • searching of the street and house on the city map, settlement searching
  • vehicle route building
  • determination of vehicle downtime intervals
  • notification of route alteration in case of vehicle course bend
  • vehicle traveling time control according to the rout control points


The system is built using client-server technology. All the data of vehicle location stored on the server. For vehicle current location determination GPS (Global Positioning System) is used. Data transmission is realized via TCP/IP protocol using GPRS (Global Packet Radio Service). Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now See software in action: