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Household Management System

The Starkey Household Management System is an overall service management software that identifies, defines, and organizes service expectations; customizes service and delineates the required service staff within a specified environment. The Starkey HMS is specifically designed to identify service needs and the Household or Service Manager about the specific requests of the Employer, Family, Resident and Guest. The interactive system is an informational communication process that identifies, educates and organizes. Most importantly, the Starkey HMS provides overall perspective of required level of service management, required staff and essential technical skills, the amount of time needed to complete tasks and the expected quality of life. The Starkey HMS is also an educational process that adapts to any service expectation or any service: the family, hotels, service corporations, community residential living and more. In addition, The Starkey HMS customizes itself to any level of service being requested, including any Service Vision, Goals, Favorites or Service Standards. It ultimately provides effective management tools and for organizing daily working, cleaning, maintenance or security Task Sheets and Day in the LifeTM schedules, which promote effectiveness and self-esteem for the service staff.

Major features and resources which system manages:

  • Service Vision is a desired lifestyle and quality of life, and an individual perception of what service is
  • People includes all persons participating in the service relationship
  • Employer (or Principal), Family members, Residents and Guests
  • Household or Service Manager is the designated professional responsible for setting up a service delivery plan
  • Staff, Vendors, and Resources are People in the service Environment designated as the service and other persons from whom goods or services are purchased
  • Private Service is business of serving within the residential home or estate as opposed to serving within a public Environment such as a hotel serving a short term guest
  • Lifestyle Goals are outlines of visions; the mission statement and manner in which the People choose to live
  • Personal Favorites and Amenities are the special likes and dislikes of a particular Employer, Family, Resident and Guest, such as a type or scent of flower, a style of food that is preferred, and alternately are products and services that must be avoided
  • Employer, Family, Resident's and Guest's Schedule is a baseline blueprint of the People's daily routines and activities
  • Day in the LifeTM is a management process that plans, organizes and presents the daily working schedule for the Household or Service Manager, each service staff member, and the household Environment daily functions
  • Technical Skills Qualifier is an industry specific evaluation tool
  • Technical Skills Matrix is used to evaluate the entire service team's technical skills
  • Environment refers geographically to where service takes place
  • Physical Structure is the physical container within the service Environment which holds the People, their unique Lifestyle Goals and individual service expectations
  • Service Flow might include laundry, folding and ironing, set up and preparations for a large dinner, administrative duties including phone, e-mail and fax, and placement of staff quarters
  • Zoning is the process of designating areas of function within the Physical Structure and Service Environment
  • Task Sheets organize and list appropriate duties to be accomplished in each Zone within an Environment such as dusting, vacuuming, detailing the car, or changing the air filters
  • Daily GracesTM is a service term used for the more personal tasks
  • Entertainment refers to the art of creating entertaining styles and practices unique to a particular Employer, Family, Resident or Guest.
  • Inventory is an itemized or detailed list of objects or property within a service Environment
  • Collectibles are items of like kind in a service Environment
  • Service Standards articulate individual service expectations, and are both People and Environment centered
  • Standards Matrix is the management tool used to identify and qualify service standards of the People and the Environment
  • Service Variables are baseline factors unique to Lifestyle Goals, People, and the service Environment
  • Service Matrix is a management tool that customizes the service management system to specific People
  • Household or Service Manager's Book is the printed Service Management Plan

Technical information

Starkey HMS is a standalone application implemented with .Net Framework 1.1. MSDE is used as the database server. The Application is has been designed and developed as a 3-tier system. The Business Layer is implemented as separate assembly providing for an opportunity for third-party components to access the data model of Starkey HMS. XPO library is used for interaction between the object model and database. It provides for more flexibility and independency from various RDBMS's. Multitude of reports provided by the system are implemented with the use of Crystal Report library. Janus UI controls library is used to present data and interact with the user. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now