On Time, On Point, On Budget!


Enterra, Inc has been operating in the software market since 2001 and today it is one of the leading software companies in the region providing development, implementation and maintenance of software as well as the implementation of the business systems.

Since 2004 the company has been working on different outsourcing platforms such as Elance, Rentacoder and others. At the peak of its activity Enterra was in the Top 10 developers on the largest platform Elance.

In 2007 Enterra entered the software market with new services: the delivery of the licensed software from the third-party developers, implementation of the business systems and systems of the satellite monitoring. In 2008 Enterra heeded the industry of creation and upgrading of the automatic trade systems (Forex Trading Systems) and other instruments for foreign exchange markets.

In 2008 Enterra merged with Perpetuum Software – business software developing and selling company. The merge has opened new possibilities for Enterra that made it possible to satisfy the wider range of clients’ inquiries. We offer innovational and multifunctional software components for reporting, analysis and visualization of the data together with the services of their integration and adjustment. Due to the Microsoft technologies we managed to reduce costs and save time needed for projects realization considerably.

In 2009 Enterra merged with another company – Adaptive technologies – a company that specializes in software development for notaries.