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GWT: improving performance

Authors: Renat Akhmerov, Alexey Kharlamov

Since the public introduction in August of 2006 the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) has gained significant momentum among web developer.

Video for Web: storage, access, system deployment variants

Target setting

The main target is creating the system to provide service for working with video podcasts (a collection of video files which is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers) recorded by users and uploaded to the server.

Mines in the Field of GWT Development Planning

Recently, Google Widget Toolkit attracted attention of web developers from all over the world. GWT is a great technology for AJAX development actually. It helps to get rid of many head-aches associated with cross-browser development, user interaction and development cycle.

Things you’d like to avoid during system design

Lately, I’ve been working on a geographically distributed clustered web system and got several ideas I would like to share. All of them are written by blood, sweat and pieces of lost dollars.

Human-readable(SEO friendly) URL in Wicket

One of the shortcomings of Wicket at this moment (versions 1.2 and 1.3) is non-Human-readable URL. In this article there are ways to avid that which are the results of the research Enterra made.

Support of Custom Fields with Hibernate

When developing corporate-level business applications (Enterprise Scale) customers often requires implementing support for extensibility of the application object model not modifying the system source code. Use of extensible domain model allows for development of new functionality without additional effort and overheads:

1) the application will be used for a more lengthy period
2) the system workflow can be modified over time when changing external factors
3) “setting” the application to fit specifics of an enterprise where it has been deployed.