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GPS development issues on Android

Nowadays most of the mobile devices have built-in GPS functionality. Android-based devices are one of the list. In this article we’ll try to describe the GPS functional insides as developers see it.

Silverlight Prism Overview. Part 1. Theory


When you develop Silverlight client application you face problems of its architecture organization and interaction between separate blocks within it. This structure should be understandable. It should be set up easily during the whole application life cycle.

Android Device Statistics


On October’12 TweetDeck published statistics for Android devices and OS versions gathered from their users. They collected the information about more than 35 thousands Android devices which run their twitter client.

How We Developed Web Application on MS Azure

Today the Internet has a significant number of live web cameras available for everyone. Web cameras allow users to view video streaming in a real time or get specific frames upon request.

Pattern Accumulator

Problem description

Articles about different patterns usually begin with pattern’s general scheme. Further, the author of article shows the particular usage of a pattern, as an example. Let me break this tradition and begin with a specific problem, which can be found in business applications very often.

Use of barcodes in mobile applications

The article is based on the real experience in development of a certain mobile application which uses barcodes.

What are barcodes?

According to wikipedia.org, barcode – is " a sequence of black and white stripes, representing some of the information in a form, suitable for reading by technical means.

Algorythm of Defining Plain Polygon Signature Point

Author: Dudarev Roman, Ph.D. of Engineering


The article doesn’t pretend to absolute strict mathematical justification and completeness of the suggested algorithm. The article is a description of the solution Enterra Company got when developing cartographical system Enterra GIS for signing cartographical objects (i.e.

Creating Applications Using SharePoint


Clients often contact us with they need a Corporate Portal or Website. Use of Microsoft SharePoint platform is one of the easiest and convenient ways to solve their tasks.