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Programmer’s Day: a week later

All in all the programmer’s day turned into the programmer’s night, then the programmer’s morning, and as a consequence, in “damn, it’s already time to work?” of programmer (с) bash.org.ru


In our case the programmer’s day has turned into the programmer’s week.

SmartLocker for Android

A new application SmartLocker for Android dismisses from permanent entry of password and automatically unlocks the phone when the device is placed in a trusted Wi-Fi network.


Add in settings those Wi-Fi networks where you don’t need to block the phone from others, for example at home or in the office.

Portfolio as interior decoration

Due to the expansion of production we have recently changed the place of dislocation and settled in the new office of the business park “Status”.


And it is highly significant that the first who has adapted, showing production mobility, are the guys from the mobile applications development team.

Main characteristics of testing applications on mobile devices

“If you think that now your life is too painless and quiet I advise you to test something on mobile phones”
(Peter-Paul Koch, developer of mobile applications, teacher)

Features of testing mobile applications in general

Mobile users expect that the applications they install are stable, quickly react on actions, safe, have a simple user interface, work 24/7 (especially in applications that interact with server).

Code review for project on Windows Phone 7. #1

Vitaly Bassov

As in most companies we carry out the internal code quality checking. Without a doubt, this practice is useful as for junior developers and already well-established professionals.

Android. Handling some SQLite issues.

Tepikin Egor

Today OS Android is gaining more popularity enhancing the range of tasks that users would want to be resolved here and now. Alongside with the most pertaining tasks that we can encounter there are those that require handling large volumes of data for reasonable time like for example full text search thru the database, that is SQLite that is used on OS Android with the accessory package android.database.sqlite.

Business mobile application development. The developer’s insight.

Kim Ostrovsky, Head of mobile department at Enterra

On July 11th 2008 Apple corporation announced the launch of AppStore application marketplace – a successor of iTunes Store. iPhone and iPod users became able to setup the approved third-party applications through store.

Recommendations for developing a developer-friendly programs

Andrey Romanov

Some time ago a proper functioning of program was the primary task of any developer, and it was really commendable to fulfill this requirement. But the time has passed, and now the program can be developed permanently for several years.