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New Year’s Marathon


“Every year on the 31st of December we with friends go to the bath” © Eugene Lukashin

Rephrasing a popular quote of Myagkov’s character from movie “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” we every year before the New Year’s corporate party arrange a competition for the best New Year’s decoration of rooms.


As you know in our company there are several departments and the elements of New Year’s decoration of rooms traditionally are thematic in nature.

Mobile development

According to the mobile team the outgoing 2012 year was marked by the iOS. About which tell the notes here, here, there and also there. And almost forgot about this.

Новогодний Андроид

And why here is Android?

– Let’s follow a simple logical way.
– Let’s go together.
© The Irony of Fate…

It’s logical that by the quantitative advantage of iOS applications the emphasis in the New Year will be given to Android applications.

Enterra Poker

The development of Enterra Poker platform continues and will continue. In 2012 year to the current versions (Flash, Desktop, Social) we have developed a Mobile version.

Of course, on 2013 we have promised a lot of new. The developers team is already preparing presents in the form of new versions of Enterra Poker platform, which will include new games and products, game features and opportunities, useful functions and other necessary changes.

– – –

The competitive New Year’s decoration was supported completely by all divisions and departments. Below there are photos from Perpetuum Software, Adaptive Technologies, Java department and .NET development.

– Where do you carry me?
– Towards your happiness.
© The Irony of Fate…

We wish you good luck and prosperity in the New Year, new achievements in business and realization of professional plans.

Happy New Year 2013, dear friends! In the New Year with Enterra!


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