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Celebrating 18+: Enterra’s history and the company today

Ready! Set! Go! Enterra!

Now it is hard to believe that Enterra began as an IT department in one of the major holdings of Barnaul. In their free time, the programmers surfed through the young Internet and looked for a side job on foreign websites.

Over time, the guys realized there were enough orders to organize a professional software development company. This was how Enterra appeared.

Dmitry Starostenkov, Enterra CEO:

“At that moment it seemed that we could conquer the world from Siberia.”

Founders of Enterra didn’t know how to do business, especially international one. But they decided to start working with western customers because IT-market there was more developed and accessible. In the early 2000s, there already were websites with outsourcing software development projects for IT specialists. All that was needed was to find one and do a job without any other actions. 


The first office was opened in Barnaul. Then there was a partner office in Germany. Due to it Enterra got interesting projects and great experience of custom software development. They have managed to do business with such companies as Basf and Siemens and others as large and well-known as them. But earning from the office were not enough.

Dmitry Starostenkov, Enterra CEO:

“It seemed like a good idea to open the office in Germany. But as a result, we spent lots of money and it brought no real use.”

Then there was an office in the USA. After this, the founders understood that it was not that easy to conquer the world from Siberia. Enterra gained useful experience that helped the company to take a path of a properly developing business. 

Just before the economic crisis of 2008–2009, the company management felt that they had found the right direction: the number of employees exceeded one hundred, orders and development were doing well, Enterra merged with another IT-company, Perpetuum Software. But the crisis came with almost no orders. The staff number greatly decreased.

In these dark times, they relied on their own products, and sought to expand portfolio and reduce custom development. It worked. The company survived and even more.


Our specialists worked on such projects as the Rambler News application, the interactive guide application Afisha and others. Among the customers, there are major international companies like Microsoft, Caterpillar, Russian media companies Afisha, Rambler, Mail.ru and others.

In details

Application for management of tunnel drilling system

Enterra has developed software that collects and visualizes data from a tunnel drilling machine through an OPC server. It was necessary to create a convenient user interface and a clear software architecture. Communication between the client and the server is implemented through the NET WCF technology.

In general, the software is designed to improve work efficiency and reduce the number of errors. In addition, it allows to respond to failures and non-standard situations quicker.

Mail.ru Agent for iPhone

The company’s portfolio also includes instant messaging mobile application development. Agent guarantees easy and convenient navigation to users. One can manage contacts, view the current status of a contact and set his own. In addition, Mail.ru Agent provides free SMS, alarm clock, anti-spam protection, works with several accounts, and more.

Analytical software for WestingHouse

This system analyzes the data that are obtained as a result of mathematical processing of information associated with the processes in a nuclear reactor. It is developed with Java/Swing. The user has maximum control over the interface. There is a visual report editor and a variety of graph options. Almost any data in the system can be exported as PDF, RTF, or HTML.

Due to such software, customers can control all the processes and terminate them anytime if necessary. It also facilitates the collection and monitoring of all data.

Enterra's Philosophy

For 18 years, Enterra’s work direction has been changing. Initially, the plans were to create a large international company that works on custom development, but in the end they came to creating their own software.

Dmitry Starostenkov, Enterra CEO:

“Now we want to make an effective team and it doesn’t have to be huge. Our company consists of people with common vision who want to develop own Enterra’s products.”

“Just comfortable” working conditions were changed to “more comfortable”, now the company is concerned about health of the employees. The office has a free gym, a spacious room to have some rest, and table tennis. Every day, any team member can eat free fruit and cookies on Fridays. Tea parties and other general events regularly take place to unite the team.

Team members’ specialization has also changed. Before, Enterra consisted of programmers and a couple of other people: an accountant, CEO, etc. But for the product company, this is not enough.

Dmitry Starostenkov, Enterra CEO:

“Previously, you didn’t need to have any knowledge of either sales or marketing. You could just sit in front of the computer and get projects. Now everything is different. We understand that for the company to be stable and to develop in the market, we need marketing, sales, personnel management, and other components of a full-fledged enterprise.”

Enterra's extracurricular activities

In 2016 the Association for Innovation Support appeared in Barnaul. Enterra was one of its founders. The main goal of the association is to create good conditions for IT-companies’ growth in the region. It includes the education of the new specialists.

Dmitry Starostenkov, Enterra CEO:

“For three years now we have been trying to develop the IT industry in the Altai Territory. Something works, something doesn’t, however, we are already thinking of not only “benefit for our companies”, but “benefit for the region”.

For all this time the organization has run more than a hundred events. They include Hackathon. This year it was organized for the fifth time. In total, more than two and a half thousand people and more than a hundred experts took part in IT-events.

Also, Enterra regularly organizes excursions for schoolchildren that help them choose future career more consciously. These events also display importance of the developer's profession and help to attract new strong staff.


Enterra now has over 70 specialists. There are offices in Russia, Europe, and the USA. Our partners are in 30 countries of the world. The company has about 800 completed projects.

Enterra today is a company that is known. Its software is highly valued. It is a business that contributes to IT specialists of Altai territory and makes great plans for the future.