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Celebrating 18+: Enterra’s history and the company today

Ready! Set! Go! Enterra!

Now it is hard to believe that Enterra began as an IT department in one of the major holdings of Barnaul. In their free time, the programmers surfed through the young Internet and looked for a side job on foreign websites.

New Year’s balls rolling

27th of December. Thursday. Evening. Somebody is somewhere, but we are on New Year’s corporate party photos from which we are ready to share.


At the very beginning of event while all are in place and all are in order there is a traditional rewarding.

New Year’s Marathon


“Every year on the 31st of December we with friends go to the bath” © Eugene Lukashin

Rephrasing a popular quote of Myagkov’s character from movie “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” we every year before the New Year’s corporate party arrange a competition for the best New Year’s decoration of rooms.

In a healthy body – healthy mind

This post will be short, as the days left until the New Year. New Year’s theme will be not once in this blog before the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

Programmer’s Day: a week later

All in all the programmer’s day turned into the programmer’s night, then the programmer’s morning, and as a consequence, in “damn, it’s already time to work?” of programmer (с) bash.org.ru


In our case the programmer’s day has turned into the programmer’s week.

Portfolio as interior decoration

Due to the expansion of production we have recently changed the place of dislocation and settled in the new office of the business park “Status”.


And it is highly significant that the first who has adapted, showing production mobility, are the guys from the mobile applications development team.