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Main characteristics of testing applications on mobile devices

“If you think that now your life is too painless and quiet I advise you to test something on mobile phones”
(Peter-Paul Koch, developer of mobile applications, teacher)

Features of testing mobile applications in general

Mobile users expect that the applications they install are stable, quickly react on actions, safe, have a simple user interface, work 24/7 (especially in applications that interact with server).

Business mobile application development. The developer’s insight.

Kim Ostrovsky, Head of mobile department at Enterra

On July 11th 2008 Apple corporation announced the launch of AppStore application marketplace – a successor of iTunes Store. iPhone and iPod users became able to setup the approved third-party applications through store.

Android Device Statistics


On October’12 TweetDeck published statistics for Android devices and OS versions gathered from their users. They collected the information about more than 35 thousands Android devices which run their twitter client.

Use of barcodes in mobile applications

The article is based on the real experience in development of a certain mobile application which uses barcodes.

What are barcodes?

According to wikipedia.org, barcode – is " a sequence of black and white stripes, representing some of the information in a form, suitable for reading by technical means.