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Pattern Accumulator

Problem description

Articles about different patterns usually begin with pattern’s general scheme. Further, the author of article shows the particular usage of a pattern, as an example. Let me break this tradition and begin with a specific problem, which can be found in business applications very often.

Algorythm of Defining Plain Polygon Signature Point

Author: Dudarev Roman, Ph.D. of Engineering


The article doesn’t pretend to absolute strict mathematical justification and completeness of the suggested algorithm. The article is a description of the solution Enterra Company got when developing cartographical system Enterra GIS for signing cartographical objects (i.e.

RFID Implementation Guide for Retail

The purpose of this report is to view a hypothetical retail environment and a RFID potential solution. We have addressed the application of RFID in the broadest possible way to provide for acceptance including most common offerings available currently.

Software architecture for complex Web Applications

Author: Alexander Tretyakevich

Architectural Goals

The application architecture should address the following goals:

  • Provide for sufficient level of the performance for a specific subsystem/business feature
  • Be scalable to meet the needs for different lifecycles of the application (small at the start/growing as the popularity of the system will grow)
  • Be effective (scaling of a specific feature shouldn’t require scaling of the entire system/global change of the application deployment environment)
  • Be maintainable


Top-level Architecture Definition

The application architecture will be based on a service-oriented architecture concept, with both vertical and horizontal partitioning of services (depending on the nature of each specific service).

Insights to kiosk software development

The article sets out a few key moments, which should be considered when developing software for terminals. Under a terminal in this document should be understood payment kiosks, self-service kiosks, internet access kiosks.

Video for Web: storage, access, system deployment variants

Target setting

The main target is creating the system to provide service for working with video podcasts (a collection of video files which is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers) recorded by users and uploaded to the server.

Things you’d like to avoid during system design

Lately, I’ve been working on a geographically distributed clustered web system and got several ideas I would like to share. All of them are written by blood, sweat and pieces of lost dollars.