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Visual XML Editor

EnterraONE XML Editor is WYSIWYG editor with ability to represent XML as a styled text form. The editor allows users to build an XHTML/XForm for data gathering and viewing easily. The result data is represented as a validated XML document.The component has been built on top of Eclipse SWT/GEF/Draw2D. So it provides native look and feel on any supported platform. The editor perfectly integrates with platform and provides amazing experience for users


  • Cross-platform WYSIWYG form editor based on open Internet standards
  • Allows edit XML documents as styled text document or as user-defining forms
  • No HTML knowledge is required to design a form
  • On-the-fly data validation with XML Schema or scripts
  • Standard compliant event model
  • Dynamic languages support
  • Cascading Style Sheets support
  • Visual representation is defined with XHTML and XForms
The editor is built around concept of form template. Form template is expressed in XHTML/XForms/CSS and defines visual representation of the data. This template is linked with target XML document by simplified XPath expressions. So XML Schema technology can be used to validate correctness of the entered data on the fly.The editor includes two components: form player and form designer. The latter allows author templates without knowledge of underlaying technologies in WYSIWYG manner.


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