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Telephone System for Technical Support Personnel

VirtualPBX is a telephone system for technical support personnel. When a customer calls a toll-free number, the system offers a set of services where the customer can select the language, hardware type to discuss during consultation. Further, the system selects a certain support engineer and forwards the call to him. Clients acquire significant advantages due to efficiency of technical support staff operations that are able to resolve issues with the equipment. The customer pays only for the time spent on technical support call. Pauses and menu navigation minutes are not included into the service costs.

Advantages for Technical Staff:

Technicians make money on providing consultations to clients. A Technician can accept calls on personal mobile phone at any time being anywhere. Time line for a call to get through to the technician can be set via the Web Control Panel of the system (to prevent calling during nighttime for example). System administrator can manage the VirtualPBX behavior, set prices for customer calls, set price for technicians etc. The system is multilingual. Currently all voice phrases in the system are in two languages: English and Spanish.


VoIP platform "Open Source PBX Asterisk" has been used to develop the system. Significant changes to Asterisk has been made to implement non-standard commutation schemas and billing. Programming language C/C++. To develop Web Control Panel the following technologies have been used: Apache, PHP, MySQL. Enterra conducted market research to develop the system. We found out that similar systems were built on high-cost hardware platforms therefore making a solution costs too high. On the contrary, the solution from Enterra is a low-cost but however a robust, efficient and highly reliable system. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now