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Supplier Portal

"Supplier Portal" is a web application that allows users to communicate with outside suppliers information required to manage the materials processing cycle. Users of "Supplier Portal" are able to get access to their shipping orders and its detailed information. When creating advanced shipping notices (ASN) user need to specify Item number, P.O. number, Release number, Ship date, Quantity, Ship vendor, Delivery time, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and Reference number. Once created the record will be shown in order list. User is able to view list of own orders and detailed information for each one. Similarly to the orders user is able to see list of shipments. User is able to export both order list and shipment list to CSV. At the page ASN (advanced shipping notices) reviews user is able to see ASNs with the ship date equals to today's date. The ability of inside notifications is provided in the application. Notifications are offered by general, vendor and warehouse notifications. System allows user to view General Information page with warehouses information: exact location using Google Map, other warehouse information such as phone numbers, fax numbers. There is an ability to view list of Supplier Non-Conforming Material (NCMs). Also user is able to view rating statistic information. This data includes in the following: Delivery Ratings (Total Shipments, On Time, Late, Early) and PPM Rating (Quantity Received, Quantity Rejected, Quantity Score, Message). The application is bilingual, English and Spanish. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now