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SQL Schema Sync

SQL Schema Sync is a special utility designed for developers and database administrators who work with MS SQL Server 2005/2008. The product allows the fast, simple comparison and synchronization of two databases with zero errors. It supports the wide list of objects: schemas, tables, views, triggers, assemblies, constraints, users, roles and permissions, extended properties.

SQL Schema Sync has distinguished competitive advantages:

  • The utility is designed as a Wizard.
  • The product provides visual synchronization of LINQ To SQL model with database structure using .Net assembly as a data source.
  • The product allows saving database structure in the form of XML file.
  • The utility provides full control over synchronization by setting the synchronization options.

Enterra developed the project in such a way that it has intuitive user-friendly interface and is an easy-to-use solution even when one works with databases on removed servers. One can save database snapshots, compare and synchronize database structures, save scripts for further use and more.

Due to the project we strengthened our skills working with MS SQL Server 2005/2008.

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