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Security Posture Manager

Get a print version The Security Posture Manager associates the information together into a single, centralized management console, harnessing data from isolated security assessment tools that were never designed to be integrated. By consolidating security posture information and automating security functions like host configuration management processes and vulnerability assessment, security managers no longer need to manually correlate facts across reports, tools and networks using email and spreadsheets as their primary management tools. The Security Posture Manager (SPM) is a ASP.NET application front end to the Security Posture Manager Database. The system is designed to manage security risks of a company. The system has very sophisticated management mechanisms, tools to record and manage reports by various vulnerability factors. The SPM allows end users to view and edit data within the SPM DB via an HTML browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The system can be used by an IT department of a large corporation. "Vulnerability assessment and security configuration management are required components of a vulnerability management process," said Mark Nicolett, research vice president at Gartner, Inc. "An enterprise-wide view of the state of the network and its configurations and vulnerabilities is needed to support the vulnerability shielding and mitigation work that will make the environment more secure."

Key Features

  • Security (users should only see and do what they are allowed to).
  • Easy to use.
  • Speed.
  • Graphically rich.
  • Integration (SDK for 3rd party applications).
  • Browser agnostic.


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