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Get a print version Rocketpool is the leading provider of free office pools online. Providing all the classic office pools online, Rocketpool makes it easy for friends and co-workers to have fun creating an office pool while following their favorite sports and office activities. Office pools are fun and now hassle free with our selection of pre-populated templates.

Rocketpool.com gives users the ability to quickly and easily create and manage office pool wagers ranging from sporting events such Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, NCAA sports, College Basketball, 2005 College Basketball, March Madness, Tour de France and the Olympics, just to name a few.

Users can also use Rocketpool.com to create a baby pool, marriage pool, Oscar pool, Academy Awards pool, Emmy pool, Grammy Awards pool, American Music Awards pool and many more online office pools. If user doesn't find an office pool he is looking for among system many pre-populated pools just create his own. It's possible to easily create the classic NFL box pool / Football Squares for his own teams or a proposition office pool about any subject user like.

Rocketpool has useful user account management system: at this point user can manage all his pools, make bets, approve bets, close pools and so on. Advanced notification subsystem in time notify user about variable pools and system events.

Administrative back-end is comfortable tool for management of all site aspects including predefined pools, sports, leagues, teams, games, users and so on. Competitive reporting system provides ability to completely control site and users activity.

Regina Lewis, AOL Consumer Advisor features Rocketpool.com on CNN. Click here to view

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