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Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight

Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight is a native Silverlight 4 component designed to create and view reports in Silverlight applications. Its goal is to extended abilities for delivering reports via the Internet. It combines benefits of desktop and browser applications:

Advantages of desktop apps

  • Fast report uploading: every single page is loaded separately; you can view only those report pages you really need without loading the whole report
  • Report preview: single page, continuous
  • Export to PDF, HTML, Excel, and RTF
  • Zoom of any type: percent, regional, dynamic
  • Fast search
  • Easy navigation
  • Report panning

Advantages of browser apps

  • No need to install application and deliver updates to every computer in the companies network, just update the server and all employees will have the new version delivered automatically

Advantages of Silverlight apps

  • Proper display of designed reports: unlike reports exported to HTML, Silverlight reports guarantee a 100% match of all displayed report elements with Win Forms preview.
  • High-quality reports representation: you can zoom in/out on any report area without losing quality
  • Delicate setup of viewer design: all report viewer elements are set up by styles and templates. You can use custom skins. Such component will seamlessly fit into design of any application.
  • Universal solution for all operating systems, cross browser compatibility: no need to setup and adjust your Business Intelligence system on each seat.

Due to the project we got experience working with the latest Microsoft technologies and strengthened our skills in developing on the .NET platform.

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