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Real-time Productivity Reporting System

The Real-time Productivity Reporting System is destined to collect data in the real-time on production processes and with further report generating. Via a common desktop client, the user can view and edit productivity data, update employee information, update runtime configuration information and run reports. RTPRS represents a set of screens that allow entering data extremely fast. The RTPRS includes the client user interface, centralized database that runs on the server and web site that provides reports. The system runs on three servers, each with a different set of client terminals. For instance, plant 1 has 4 terminals: Packing control, Packed box QC, Cull inspection, Tally station.

System feature list

  • Ability to enter container quantities in a batch mode.
  • Ability to count each box that has completed packing.
  • Ability to count the number of QC inspections.
  • Ability to count the number of Packaging QC.
  • Ability to enter the quantity of Packers and Graders working on a Packline during working hours.
  • Ability to enter the quantity of Reboxers and deficient Reboxers currently in the system, by Packline.
  • Ability to account for time a Packer spends away from a Packline.
  • Ability to configure operational and system values, such as: Employee data, Runtime, Pack Style data, Sweet Value parameters, Productivity thresholds, Container entry weight settings.

Technical information

The System is a 2-tier application without a dedicated application server. The Desktop client works in different modes depending on a current user and is implemented with .Net Framework 1.0. The Database is implemented on MS SQL 2000. The web site implemented with ASP.Net 1.0. To access data from the database ADO.Net is used. To improve performance of reports all calculations are placed in stored procedures in the database. RTPRS uses Active Directory to determine user's security rights to access all operations and parts of the application. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now