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MP3 Helper

The application works with user music collections (MP3/ACC files).The user can select an album from tree-view and a search for images matching with this album that is displayed in the browser window. After that the user can save the any image as the album cover art. The user can select a song from tree-view and search for lyrics matching with this song that is displayed in the browser window. After that the user can save any text as the song lyrics.


  • Load music collection from any folder
  • Read MP3/ACC metadata (artist, album, title, cover art & lyrics) from the files
  • Search for the album cover art in the Internet
  • Search for the song lyrics in the Internet
  • Write MP3/ACC metadata (cover art & lyrics) into the files
  • Search by keyword or other criteria in the music collection
  • Get suggestions from the statistic server (http://mp3helper.com)
  • Save selected URLs to the statistic server
  • Statistic server administration
  • Blacklist of domains (for search and suggestions) on the statistic server
  • Summary reports on the statistic server
  • Purchase the application by eSellerate
  • Trial mode (allows only 50 changes)
  • iTunes notification about changed files


The software is a desktop .NET application with a local database (SQLite) and WPF user interface. The application communicates with a statistic server (PHP + MySQL) and requests from it the suggestions for a selected album or song.


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