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Mergers and Acquisitions Intelligence System

DRP is a system for automation of Due Diligence processes for Drueker & Co firm engaged in Merging and Acquisition business (http://www.drueker.de). The system consists of a set of applications providing a full complex of solutions on data preparation, processes management and further result analysis. The basic requirements to the system:
  • Safety. Since the companies with mullions of income may have information leak which is critical therefore access certificates, multilevel access monitoring systems, authorization and encryption are used to maintain the high level of safety in the system.
  • Availability. For maintenance of continuous process the system provides 24/7 access.
  • Reliability. The system provides data transaction integrity at any moment.


The application for project preparations at the initial level provides for data gathering, management and analysis. It allows to collect all necessary information at the initial level to prepare a project for publication. Technologies: .NET WinForms (the desktop application), J2EE (the application server), MSSQL (the database server).

DRP portal

The project control system is web application, which is an entry point for all users in the process of work on the project. It contains dynamic management of project servers (by virtue of information, content can be included in the project, the system is enabled to distribute data to several servers), user management and basic system administration. Technologies: Web 2.0(client), J2EE (the application server), MySQL (the database server).

DRP Dataroom

This is a web application ensuring functionality of the above mentioned project. It accommodates the following functionality:
  • Gathering information on companies, process participants (with complex multilevel workflow).
  • Organizing access control to physical rooms with data, printing documents for such rooms.
  • Q&A process.
  • Exporting information to generate final reports.
  • Service functions (search, task management etc.)
TechnologiesWeb 2.0(client), J2EE (the application server), MySQL (the database server). Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now