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Home Owners Social Network

HOA Agent is a website that allows users to connect residents and create custom social networks for the community. Website allows homeowners' association member of the board to sign up and becomes the admin. The Admin (board member) then can personalize their custom site after the site has been created they are given a registry key that is to be given to all homeowners of their community. So the website will be like a control panel. This board member pays and registers to the website with that registry key they can then sign up for an account and register for their HOA website. Each Homeowners association has a property manager if there is a problem they contact the property manager. The property manger deals with all the vendors: plumbers, landscapers, electricians, etc.... They do the upkeep on the property. So for example if a homeowner has a leaking toilet at 2am they call their property manager and their property manager calls a plumber instead they could log on and go to their resource site. They could type in their problem and a solution will come up and with a list of local plumbers. The resource site will contain useful information that will be helpful to homeowner associations and their communities (sample documents/forms, helpful links and industry news). Businesses will have the ability to purchase advertising in this area and be included in a searchable directory. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now