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Flash Widgets

Bridgit is a type of widget that the user can create, customize and share with other people by embedding it into Facebook or MySpace profiles or show on any web page. The user is able to set the size and background (image or solid color) of the widget, set styles for link and multimedia boxes (border color, background etc). Also, the user is able to add links to any URL and include different types of multimedia, such as image slideshow, custom audio, custom video, video from YouTube, custom RSS and Facebook activity feeds. Flex applications is built dynamically on server side after the user configures it (sets sizes, background, video/audio content, slideshow pictures, links etc.). The widget contains built in FLV player to display video content and simple playback controls. In addition to creation engine the Flex web site has been developed to provide the user comfortable interface for bridgit creation, customization and deployment. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now