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Flash Chat

Get a print version FlashChat tool is based on Macromedia Flash MX, Java and Jabber (www.jabber.org) technologies. The system facilitates the exchange of instant messages.

Components implemented in the system:

  • Macromedia Flash MX based IM client with Webcam support. The client is SWF module that can be embedded to a web-site or corporate portal
  • Flash chat Java server. The server is written in Java and works as gateway between SWF client and Jabber server. This middleware allows avoiding implementation of XMPP protocol in Macromedia Flash MX and to employ the ready-to-use Java library - Smack (www.jivesoftware.org)
  • Open Source Jabber Server and transports for "non Jabber" IM systems
The Flash IM client is supporting contact list (roster), contact groups, drag&drop contacts between groups, status notifications (online, offline, away, etc), incoming message notification, supports various font color and size, bold-italic-underline font, avatar image, typing status, and supports webcam video streaming using Macromedia Flash Communication Server (Adobe Flash Media Server). The FlashChat Java server is working as some sort of proxy server between the Flash client and Jabber server. The Java server allows for implementing various non-standard Jabber features, various authentication schemes. For example, if a destination contact is offline, it is possible to tune up forwarding of instant messages to different emails or Jabber transports, etc. Also, it is possible to use Flash IM client as a client for AOL/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo IM systems using Jabber transports technology. Also, the Flash IM client can be embedded into a Web site page and use single-sign-on Web site authentication scheme via the Java server. The Java server will execute additional separate authentication request to the Web site using session cookies. Sending of broadcast messages is implemented also, which is non standard for Jabber systems. The Jabber Server can be any of jabberd-1.4 or jabberd-2 servers and act as an instant message and presence router, contact lists storage, offline messages storage. Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now