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Enterra Download Manager

Enterra Download Manager is a connected module (plug-in) for Microsoft Internet Explorer. It provides for loading files from FTP and HTTP servers via appropriate protocols.


  • Files download from remote servers via FTP and HTTP protocols
  • Store the list downloads (i.e. URL, files names and other information)
  • Create downloads by interception by Internet Explorer (for version IE 6.0 and above); selecting corresponding items from Internet Explorer context menu; by dragging links in a window of the navigation panel or tool bar (drag-and-drop), as well as manually
  • Support of the Russian, English and German interface languages
  • HTTP (CERN-based) and FTP (TIS) proxy-servers support
  • Support of Basic and NTLM authentication for HTTP and HTTP-proxy servers connection
  • Support files upload resume on the connection break and restoration (if this feature is supported by the server)
  • Restrict loading speed (the entering traffic) by the capability of a part of the communication channel to other applications which is especially important while working on low-bit-rate channels
  • Opportunity to prioritize downloads
  • Opportunity of downloading the file in simultaneous server connections that can accelerate process considerably (multi session download)
  • Opportunity of conducting download registry (both general and download specific)


C++, Internet Explorer

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