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Enterprise System Management

The solution facilitates electricity supply monitoring consumed by individuals and companies, and payments for energy. The solution has a three-tier architecture: the desktop client - the application server - the database. It is implemented in C# 2.0, using .NET Framework 2.0 by Microsoft Inc. The .NET Remoting technology is used for the clients and server interaction. The solution is very scalable and conforms to the current infrastructure and workflow requirements of large energy companies: up to 100 instances of the Application Server can be deployed and share common database which can be Oracle or MS SQL. The Application Server instance easily handles up to 1,000,000 electricity meters (tested with the Oracle 10g database). Using the ability of database replication the solution allows working in offline mode when the connection to the main database or the main Application Server is lost. It is tremendously helpful in mission critical data acquisition areas with plenty of geographically-distributed offices in a company.

Main functions

  • Substation Registering.
  • Power Consumption Object Registering.
  • Document Management: Legislative Acts Registering, Court Decrees Registering, etc.
  • Customer Management: Customer Accounting, Customer Balance Sheet, Customer Grants and Awards Accounting.
  • Billing.
  • Payment Management: Payment Processor Switching (EDI messaging module allows working with different payment processors).
  • Employee Management.
  • Task Management: Claims Receiving, Tasks Assignment and Scheduling, Field Service Support (PDA solution for reading the electric meter and carry out field service according to assignment tasks).
  • Reports: Power Consumption over a period of time, Power Consumption by grants and awards, Current debts, Employee activities, etc.
  • Security (Role Based Access Control).
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