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E-Learning System for Insurance Company

Get a print version Elsi is a complex solution that provides a full cycle of students training from content development to results analysis. The system has been developed for ABC Company and focused on training process organization for insurance companies. The system consists of the following components:

Content Editor

Allows compiling training content, and has the following functions:
  • XHTML visual editor.
  • JavaScript and SMIL scripts editor.
  • Full Text search.
  • Management of users and rights.
  • Workflow management.
  • Didactical model management.
The system didactical model is constructed based on XSD/XML description. Technologies: .NET WinForms (desktop application), J2EE (application server), MSSQL (database server).

Course Builder

Facilitates works on course building. SCORM model is used as the core component for course setup. The author of a course can set a structure of a course, specify rules of transitions and appoint styles for visual display. The model of visual representation is based on XSLT and CSS. Technologies: .NET WinForms (desktop application), J2EE (application server), MSSQL(database server).


Learning Management System allows for courses playback, management of trainers, students and analysis of results once the courses are completed. LMS is compatible with SCORM model however gives greater opportunities for managing of courses workflows and embedding additional logic as well as allows for changes/modifications in the user interface. Basic functionality:
  • Management of users, students and classes
  • Playback of any courses
  • Testing
  • Import/export of results
  • Results analysis
A special program providing for synchronization with the online version was developed for the offline test mode support. Technologies: Web 2.0(the client), J2EE (the application server), HSQL (the database server). Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now