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Document Management System

Get a print version Managing documents has always been a major issue for professional companies of all types. Not only they receive a great deal of documentation in the normal course of their business, but also create and refer to a very large number of other documents when dealing with a typical assignment. Enterra approaches these problems from both manager and end-user perspectives. The result is a solution that addresses real-world issues and fits smoothly into the existing administration systems within the workplace.


Resource Center is a web based Document Management System. Resource Center is a component based subsystem and already having the user management subsystem with a role-based security subsystem implemented. Drag and drop document upload is implemented too (using Java Applet technology). A file or folder can be dragged to the special "Upload area" and dropped there. A popup Applet window will indicate the file uploading. The Folder tree view loading/refreshing process is implemented using AJAX technology. The Folder tree view is downloading separately and even a single tree branch is opening by a separate request. Any accessible document can be downloaded and viewed by simple clicking on the appropriate icon ("accessible document" meant that the user is having enough rights to view this document). Owned documents can be assigned to any other user (document will appear in "INCOMING" folder of another user) and can be shared for public access. Admin can create and manage the special public folder, which is accessible by all users. The most advanced feature is supporting of the WebDAV access to the public, shared and user's documents folders (access rights are employed here too). So that the user can setup a web folder on a personal computer and edit documents directly with no need to download/upload it (document will be implicitly downloaded when opening and uploaded back to the Resource Center upon saving).


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