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Document Editor

MasterForm is a system to prepare documents and print them out based on dynamic patterns. The user has an opportunity to fill out the fields, choose from the list of accessible elements, connect a document or element of the document with elements of other documents, etc. The System allows document unification in general structures - packages. The user can employ lines of input, date, link, maintenance, term, etc. as the elements of a pattern. Complex rules and a variety of management elements allow users to form patterns and documents of any complexity.

The solution consists of the following applications:

  • "Author Application" - the application for developing the pattern of the document and its formatting.
  • "Masterform Application" - the application for editing document fields created on the pattern basis. It contains a text editor with a multilevel editorial version rollback, tools for spellchecking and documents printing.
The system is focused on working with standard document forms and can be used in various legal agencies, official bodies etc.


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