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Content Management System

Get a print version Xemelon is the system for website managing that is completely based on XML which allows satisfying merely any site requirements for content quality, form and functionality. Nowadays, the problem of maximizing the audience attention, attracting new users and offering new services is on the agenda of any site owner. XML format support allows providing simple multi-format access realization to the content when the user can browse the page in HTML, PDF, Print, WAP formats. The system architecture is constructed on portlets and plug-ins, providing for the maximum functionality, expandability and adaptability to the market requirements.

The key moments of the solution:

  • An XML-based solution, based on Apache Cocoon technology. XML, XSLT, XSD technologies provide for content creation without any restrictions to the structure and look and feel.
  • An Open Source based solution. Over 50 open source libraries are used in the system assuring quality, safety and support in future.
  • Use of Apache Slide system allows abstracting from physical data storage, and use file systems as well as Oracle as for example.
  • Using Java allows developing solutions on virtually any platform.
  • A Multi-domain system gives an opportunity for hosting of unlimited number of domains on a single server, with unified system management.
  • A Multilanguage system with concurrent support for a variety of languages. All system content is stored and used in UTF-8.
  • The enhanced system of rights, roles and group of users.
  • Support for Workflow processes.
  • Plug-ins ready to use: News; Shop(based on OfBiz); Gallery; Lists; Voting; Text-through search; Menu and breadcrumb; Sitemap; Login/Logout.
  • Full version control support (check-in, check-out, rollback, preview).
  • Portlets support - a unique technology allows collecting sites and pages from ready blocks.
All these functions made it possible to develop a number of successful sites in shortest terms for our Clients:


Web 2.0 (web client), J2EE (application server), Slide (database/content server). Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now