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Analytics software for WestingHouse

The system provides for data input and further analysis of the data received as the result of mathematical data processing from the nuclear reactor processes.

Basic Functionality

  1. Parallel calculations. The system allows distributing calculation on several computers, thus the user supervises the calculation process in full and can interrupt it at any moment. The system adapts maximum available resources to the current user's hardware, fully loading its resources considering the number of the user's processors.
  2. Data input via the user-friendly interface - a very important point since the system is actually a workplace of the analyst and is actively used during all the day. The maximum opportunities on managing user's interface and helping out with completing operations are provided by the system:
    • Adjustments allowing changing font, color, size of inscriptions.
    • Adjustments allowing editing interface elements sizes (buttons, panels etc.).
    • Skins.
    • Wizards.
    • Interactive prompters.
  3. The visual report editor allows forming and editing complex reports in Word like style. Using Drag and Drop the user can generate any complex report within minutes, thus data is not simply inserted, but also updated.
  4. Scheduling. Multiple schedules variants and large number of various adjustments (starting from schedule' color up to the opportunity of multi-axis schedules construction by a wizard) allow visualizing data effectively for it's further analysis.
  5. Export. The export procedures in various formats - PDF, RTF, HTML are provided practically for any data in the system.


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