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Advertising System

The system combines two ideas:

  1. Simplify sites search for users.
  2. A commercial project that allows selling searched words to commercial organizations.
For simplification of sites search, the user should install a web-browser plug-in. This plug-in applies certain criteria that define the user actions, if the user searches data in specific search systems or commercial platforms, the plug-in additionally inquires the Netword server for additional result. If the site was found in Netword.com, the plug-in shows the result (the web-site founded) in the additional window. Web-site search is carried out by a keyword (the line of search entered into the form of the search system or a commercial platform). The opportunity to provide as the additional result to web-sites owners that the certain web-site is on sale. The object for sale is a certain keyword or a phrase in a certain zone. The price for a word or a phrase is formed depending on:
  1. Zones where this word (phrase) as the additional result will open customer' web-site - the more zone the more the total cost
  2. Zone Type:
    1. Zip Code - the population of a given Zip Code' territory is taken into account as the main data
    2. States - the forecast of word (phrase) popularity is taken into account - the data of WordTracker.com or Overture.com is the basis. Besides the certain factor for each state is fixed that also affects the cost.
  3. Platform Type selected (only for a level of states, not for Zip Codes)
The sold word or phrase is called a "netword". Netword is soled during a certain time after that it stops working. The site http://www.netword.com is used for sales.

The site solves a number of problems:

  1. Netword sales
  2. Simplifying the plug-in installation for the user
  3. Demonstrating the system features to potential customers
  4. Book-keeping
  5. System administration
If the customer doesn't have his own site, he can create his personal page or several pages - there is a special editor in the system which allows constructing pages based on the pattern chosen.

Demonstration subsystems:

  1. Demonstration (free) of netrwords is also possible in the system - it is free-of-charge, however with significant restrictions - it always begins with a symbol "*" and not supported by the plug-in. The primary goal of free networds is to demonstrate the system idea.
  2. Networds examples - the page showing how various networds open while searching in various search or commercial systems.
  3. Work demonstration - the user enters a web-site address and a word, and the system sets an example on how it will work for the user.
In addition, the system is able to generate reports - PDF documents with statistics. The system was created with the use of the following technologies:
  1. The Plug-in for IE
    1. ActiveX (the facilitated installation of a plug-in from a site)
    2. COM
    3. XML (checking of newer versions)
  2. The Plug-in for Mozilla:
    1. Mozilla JavaScript (Mozilla API) + XUL (plug-in' functionality and interface)
    2. AJAX + XML (checking of newer versions + results of sites search by netword)
  3. Site:
    1. Framework (cursor) "Wise" (PHP)
    2. Dynamic HTML (numerous editors in the system)
    3. CPDF library (PDF documents generating).
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