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Academagia – Role Game

Get a print version Academagia is the kind of role game. The player gets the opportunity to become a young magician. He/she has 280 days to become a real experienced magus! Being a student of the Academy player is free to choose the way of evolution. Were you hurt by someone? Challenge him to a duel! Need to have friends' approval? Organize the group of companions. Want to find out something new and even secret? Explore the College and it's outskirts. Decided to defend the honour of the College? Perfect yourself and take part in Rimbal Game! Academagia gather it all: exciting intrigue, interesting stories and vividly portrayed characters. All the playing mechanics is based on the idea of world modification through the system of effects. About 50 effects such as Add, Expand, Increase, Transfer, Explore etc. allow you describing every possible actions. The sets of such effects provide the basis of your Ability, Action and Spell. Using this your character affects the playing world. Each character of the game including the player can be described with a set of properties: Attributes, Skills, Abilities. Every character has also some Items to act with and some Spells trained to use. Realizing some definite requests player can perfect oneself getting new properties and opportunities. Special tool - Academagia ModTool - is used to create playing content, it lets you prepare all data needed easy and fast. It also allows sharing the working process between several creators.

Game features:

  • Character's evolution
  • Learning and training
  • Locations' exploration
  • Passing the stories
  • Battles and duels
  • Rimbal Game
  • Selling the Items and Artifacts
  • Forming the coalitions
  • Creating new items
  • Teachable AI (artificial intelligence)
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Technologies and components:

Academagia ModTool - .Net Framework 2.0; Firebird Embedded; NHibernateAcademagia - .Net Framework 3.5; WPF Would you like to use our expertise in your project? Do not hesitate to contact us now See software in action: