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Supporting future colleagues!

Enterra sponsors the semi-final of the World Programming Contest among students in Barnaul, Russia on December, 2-3. Altai State Technical University once again gathers the most promising young IT specialists from Siberia and the Far East who come to Barnaul to test their knowledge and skills in the semi-final of the World Programming Contest held on 2-3 December. In total, 60 teams in the Siberian group of Universities of the North Eastern and Jewish region will fight for the title of the best. Regional stages of the contest will run simultaneously in St. Petersburg, Tbilisi and Almaty. The point of the competition is to solve a maximum number of tasks in a minimal time. According to the rules, a team of three students should do from 10 to 12 tasks as fast as possible. Writing code without bugs, thinking about extreme cases, productivity, estimating the time characteristics of the developed programs - the olympic tasks aimed to develop these and other important for any programmer skills. Each year the teams of the Altai State Technical University show excellent results at the contest. For example, last year they were among the winners along with Novosibirsk State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University. The World Programming Contest among students is one of the yearly key events on the planet. It was first held in 1975, Russia first participated in 1997. "Of course, it is important that the contest takes part annually in the Altai Territory. The semi-final creates the positive image, fosters cooperation, attracts investments, and shows the potential of the region. In addition, the companies do need good programmers. To sponsor the competition is a way to tell students about their company. The main point is that it is very good that IT companies understand the necessity to support the universities, preparing exactly these good programmers", says Elena Kryuchkova, the representative of the Information Technologies Faculty of the Altai State Technical University and the main organizer of the regional stage in the Altai Territory. Enterra as one of the contest sponsors traditionally supports regional stage of the contest and participates in awarding the winners. In such way we support the intellectual elite that later will define the development of information technologies of the country, and, in the long term - our possible future colleagues. Besides the gifts from sponsors, the winners of the NEERC (Northeastern European Region Programming Contest) will receive the main prize - the opportunity to go to Beijing to the final of the contest.