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PassportVision recognizes more document types

New program version supports Russian foreign passports and insurance number card recognition. System server edition is added to the offer. In April, "Adaptive technologies" (Enterra's branch) has launched PassportVision 2.0. Special data recognition system reads documents and automatically adds their data to databases and third-party programs. The new version has a whole bunch of functions added. Now with PassportVision, you may automatically input data from Russian civil passport, Russian biometric foreign passport and insurance number card. The list of documents will be extended further. In addition, new server edition is available for purchase. It is very budget-savvy if you need to setup the system for many users in one company. "Adaptive technologies" professionals will help a customer to integrate a product into the system seamlessly. Helpful options for end users are also added: more settings and personalization tools, mistakes notification system, better documents manual search, and more. For SDK edition, we have added detailed documentation with usage examples, and 1C integration scripts. More info about PassportVision - on a system website. If you are in Russia, you may use free hotline 8-800- 1000-175.