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New iPhone Project developed for Top Russian Internet Media Company

Download Mail.Ru Agent from AppStore. It's free. Mail.Ru Agent - one of the most popular means of communication in Russia is now available for iPhone users. It has more then 11 million of active users and more then 2 million simultaneous online users. The program has English and Russian interface. Mail.Ru Agent for iPhone expands Mail.Ru Agent product line for mobile devices. Like other Mail.Ru Agent versions for mobile platforms it allows you to socialize with your friends no matter where you are. Using Mail.Ru Agent you can send free sms, use email box, manage contact list, exchange photos. The program doesn’t hangup when working with big contact list. You can work with email box, without leaving the application. Mail.Ru Agent is free and available from AppStore to every iPhone User. About Mail.Ru. Mail.Ru is a largest Internet Media Company. Search Engine mail.ru is widely used and well known all over Runet. The company provides its users with different services, e.g. Otvet.mail.ru (questions and answers), Blog.mail.ru (blogs), Foto.mail.ru (image hosting), Video.mail.ru (video hosting), Files.mail.ru (file hosting service), Games.mail.ru (online games), My.mail.ru (social network). Mail.Ru Alexa’s Rank in Russia is 3.