On Time, On Point, On Budget!

Enterra takes part in contest held by Microsoft

Applications for the contest should be developed on the Windows Azure platform We build special web application to work with video streams for the Windows Azure Challenge contest. Enterra WebCam Viewer is developed using up-to-date Silverlight technology and Windows Azure platform. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies we reached unquestionable advantages: high performance level, user friendly interface, intuitive navigation, clear and bright graphics. The application has a feature of user registration. The application features:
  • Record from the webcam and history view;
  • Option to add any camera;
  • Records view by any user or by specific user;
  • Records view within the certain time period;
  • View with certain screenshot frequency;
  • Frame by frame view.
You can see Enterra WebCam Viewer on website. The application is free.