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Enterra and Perpetuum Software Merging

The Merging will help both organizations reach new points in the IT industry Enterra and Perpetuum Software merged on the 1st of October. Perpetuum Software was founded in 2002 and specializes in program components development for data processing and visualization (.NET technology). Perpetuum has Thousands of clients in over 60 countries using Perpetuum Software products for 6 years. “Now we are ready to offer our clients more products and services. Thanks to the great number of ready-to-use components provided by Perpetuum Software we can cut down both the cost and the timeline for our clients’ projects” said Dmitry Starostenkov, Enterra’ CEO. Common efforts, effective products and profound experiences will help us to offer our clients more elegant and talented IT solutions while taking the products we produce to a higher level. Keep up with our latest news!