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Brand New Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services

Display Your Reports from Reporting Services in Silverlight Applications Enterra’s sub-division Perpetuum Software Company developed a unique and outstanding product. Using the product you can view reports created in Reporting Services in Silverlight applications. The component provides high-quality data representation in your browser with Silverlight support. As it is fully compatible with Silverlight 3 and supports MS SQL Reporting Services 2005, you can use out-of-browser mode and save Silverlight applications on PC and MAC. Have a look at the advanced features you get when you use Silverlight Viewer:
  • data processing optimization within the report;
  • filtering report data by date, number, period;
  • data analyze according to certain parameter;
  • interactive data sort in ascending or descending order;
  • export to the most popular formats, i.e. pdf, html, tiff;
  • manipulating reports in your browser the way you used to in Windows applications;
  • various preview and zoom modes;
  • rich tools for data visualization;
  • scrolling and panning;
  • user-friendly API.
Use rich features of Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services for data analysis and high-quality representation of the Reporting Services reports in Silverlight applications. View on-line demo of the innovative product.