On Time, On Point, On Budget!

48 hours or less

The Innovation Support Association, co-founded by Enterra, have organized the third Hackathon on 12-14 May in Barnaul, which once again have helped the start-ups to realize their ideas. There were no limits for participants in their ideas realization; they could go for any direction, platform, and format. However, they should follow a single condition - to make the project from scratch or to bring already existing to the stage of the working prototype in 48 hours. Five dozen of IT-specialists from different areas of software development: programmers, designers, project managers, marketers and others have come to code non-stop. All this time experts - 17 IT-entrepreneurs, founders, and managers of companies, experienced developers, assisted them. They directed, criticized and inspired the participants of Hackathon, becoming mentors for them. For these two days, the beginning start-ups went through fire and water, lack of sleep, terrible code and harsh criticism, but they have "survived" and presented 11 projects in the demo fest of 14 announced at the beginning. This Hackathon participants concentrated in developing chat bots and voice virtual assistants, web services and mobile applications for various purposes. The experts, in their turn, judged the results of this 48-hour quest and awarded developers of the most promising IT-solutions, being not only developed in high technical level but also capable of becoming a profitable competitive business in the future. The main award has gone to the "Lawyer Online" project: the service to help consumers deal with sellers of low-quality goods and services without going to the court or using a real lawyer's help. The winners of Hackathon have shared the prize fund of 50000 rubles and projects, marked in special nominations, have received gifts from partners and sponsors.